The main reason for using QuickPayPortal is to provide better and easier online payment processing for the average user.

Quick Pay Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the QuickPayPortal patient portal?

The QuickPayPortal patient portal is nothing more than an online service that allows patients to securely access health-related data. And you have the flexibility to contact your responsible healthcare provider directly, schedule appointments that have been booked in advance, edit patient accounts online, and do more with them.

Who exactly can use the QuickPay patient portal?

Initially, only the actively registered patient could access it. In addition to the patient, the portal activates and provides the family account, which can only be accessed by certain family members.

What if I still can’t access the My Patient portal?

Contact your service provider directly and ask them to view or verify your account status.


How do I edit the profile details?

  • Touch the My Profile tab.
  • Then tap the Athena Health Profile section and then tap the button.
  • Update the details of what you want to add.
  • Press the back arrow to return to the Patient Portal home page.

How to move appointments?

  • First, log into your account.
  • Access the Appointments tab by tapping on it.
  • Click the Reschedule link to display the option that prompts you to use the calendar to set the date.
  • Finally, click on the option for a new appointment reminder.

Where to fill out the medical forms before making an appointment?

  • Touch the Appointments tab.
  • Select the option labeled Medical Forms.
  • Now select the shape you want.
  • Remember that the forms you have identified, along with the system icon, can be successfully completed and submitted online.
  • Forms can be downloaded, printed, and taken to the place you want to visit with a printer icon.